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Monday, April 06, 2015
By tabitha
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The sweetness is too much, I cant even handle it... PLEASE GET ME SOME BABY ASPRIN this fever I have is out of control!

I have been photographing the Gormans for years now, and the joy just keeps coming!   Mady was born  2 weeks earlier then we had all originally planned so when I received the news that she was here, I headed over ASAP.  We set up in Carissa and Joe's gorgeous living room and used the most amazing natural light to capture Mady's new born session. After we spent some time with Mady it was time to bring in the VERY PROUD big sister  Ella!  She is such a honey, so happy to be a big sisiter!  Congratualtions again Carissa and Joe, your family is perfect. 

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